Ghostbusters Twinkies

hostesstwinkiesslimeycakesFirst we got the Hi-C Ghostbusters drinks, now Hostess is getting into the action with their Twinkies brand.  These Twinkies ooze green slim, well, not really, more like key lime flavor.  The Key Lime Slimed Twinkies are in stores now.

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Proof Eyewear: Spring 2013 Lookbook


Spring maybe about looking for that trendy new wardrobe, but it’s also about accessories that will make your outfit standout.  How about these cool eco-friendly UVA/UVB protected sunglasses from Proof Eyewear.  These glasses are NOT made from plastic, but are “hand crafted from sustainably sourced wood.” and other green materials.  The sunglasses start @ $95.00USD and up.  Way cool!

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Drinking Tea with the Death Star

I am more of a coffee drinker but this will definitely give me an excuse to drink more tea – a Death Star tea infuser. It’s so cool that it even comes with a Tie Fighter at the end of the chain – as if it is guarding the Death Star. Can you imagine the hours of fun you will have playing with this…..I mean while drinking your favorite brand of tea of course.

MSRP:  $19.99USD

For more info, go to:  ThinkGeek – Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser.

Patrick Jouin’s Bloom Table Lamp

This is why we all need a 3D printer:

Image via Patrick Jouin/MGX

Designer Patrick Jouin created this Bloom Table Lamp from a 3D printer.  What’s cool is that the lamp can “bloom” like flowers which act like a dimmer switch so you can control much light you want.

For more info and images, go to:  Inhabitat – Bloom Table Lamp.

For more of his works, check out his site:  Patrick Jouin.

Beautifying the Lowly Light Bulb

I’ve seen this a while back highlighted in European design magazines – the Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb and what a great idea it is. Instead of buying pendant lights or other light fixtures to cover up the ugly light bulb – why not beautify the lowly light bulb itself?

For more info, go to:

Jake Dyson’s LED Light

This light bulb is promised to last 37 years. I probably need to change it one more time before I die. What a hassle.

For more info, check out: PSFK – Jake Dyson LED Light.

Turn Soda Cans into Speakers

You just finished drinking your can of beer.  Instead of crushing it and throwing it away, why don’t you turn the empty can into a speaker?  Trash Amps uses old soda and beer cans as portable speakers.

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Frankie’s Garage: Honda Uni-Cub

Honda’s new “green” vehicle is not a car or motorcycle, but a Uni-Cub.

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Happy Meals and Green Lantern

Can I get a Happy Meal?

If you’re a fan of DC Comics’ Green Lantern you might want to grab these nifty toys from McDonalds.  Collect all 8 items from this set.  More info on the McD’s Happy Meals:  Green Lantern toys.

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