DVD release of “I RIDE”- A biker documentary by Daron Ker

I RIDE has just been released on amazon.com and you can find it at your local participating WalMart, but what I’d like to tell you here is my personal take behind the making of the film.

2011 I RIDE documentary Screening - Johnny Moreno - Daron Ker -  Marcus BrunoDocumentary filmmaking can be tough, unpredictable at times, and you have to capture it as best as possible every step of the way.

I’ve had the opportunity to take part in the making of Daron Ker’s “I Ride” and I would like to tell you my experience from the past to the present. There were moments that I had to endure and moments that I enjoyed behind the making of the film, because the physical path, the communications involved and the decisions made during filmmaking is what ends up shaping the story.
Initially I was introduced to Daron Ker and Marcus Bruno through Stephen Jang. We all had nine to five jobs and Daron was the only one at the time with funds to begin making a film about a biker band that played to America’s motorcycle culture movement. The inception to make I RIDE began by meeting the Fryed Brothers Band back in 2005.

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While we enjoyed NYCC by day we ended up dining at NINJA NEW YORK by night.

Ninja New York Restaurant -RetrendersOur host of Ramen’s other Half, Jonelle Marie, shares her first impression of fine dining in Tribeca’s one-of-a-kind Ninja New York Restaurant!
While there, we were looking for that secret door – you know, the one you would open and discover the artistry of Ninja acrobatic sword fighting and trickery like a James Bond flick, but it was impossible.  The place was a maze and when we asked to take us to your leader, they sent us numerous of Ninja PR henchmen to divert us from straight answers about what laid behind the echoing walls of their zigzagging cave-like paths that only Batman would appreciate. Though mystified by their stories, we had one of the most entertaining dining night outs I’ve had in a long time.

I would have to say Ninja New York is one of the most entertaining and delightful places to dine if you’re looking for fun and hearty authentic Japanese cuisine food. And you’re almost guaranteed not to have a dull moment from your first step in and out of this place!

ANIME EXPO 2013: Sleeping Cosplay? Batman & Spiderman duo? Mortal Come back?

Retrenders - Sleepy Thor - Batman Spiderman - Mortal Kombat - Johnny MorenoWhat’s going on here? Well, it’s early in the evening and some cosplayers are snoozing while others are trying to keep up with photographers. We lead in with cosplay model, Vampy Bit Me, who happens to be from the San Francisco Bay Area.Retrenders - Johnny Moreno - Ramen and a Half - Vampy Bit Me - Anime Expo 2013
In this segment the Ramen Crew really caught some random images, a cosplay snoozing, and of course the other 99 percent getting their photo’s taken every which way and loving it. Interestingly enough, we caught a Batman and Spiderman dynamic duo cosplaying on the ground floor. Ryan Turney tells us how he used dye sublimated lycra to create his outfit and Danny Lopez shows off his Batman cowl mask which is made by professional prop maker, Shawn Reeves. Then we get a flash back taste of Mortal Kombat!

We pretty much interviewed the obvious of course… other than eat breakfast then cosplay, eat lunch then cosplay and then catch dinner and hit the cosplay night life, but for those who come from afar or from next door to the Anime Expo convention center and perhaps maybe stayed up a wee bit too late the night before excitingly undecided in what cosplay will do …Well, we got one person to explain that!

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