Desktop Distractions: EP6 Mezco One:12 Spider-Man

In honor of the release of the new Spider-Man:Far from Home movie, we wanted to review a Spidey figure. This figure is how I fell in love with the Mezco One:12 line. I just love all the [Read more…]

Ramen Redux

Ramen and a Half is back!  We decided to revive our original podcast as a new webcast where we talk about some of the latest in nerd news all while playing a random video game and of course while doing it all Live! So don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe and catch it all here on!

Figma Marvel Action Figures

figmacover00I’m a big fan of the Marvel Legends 6″ action figure series since it’s affordable and detailed enough to collect and play with.  And when you want to move up to the next step yet can’t afford the Hot Toys pricey $200 per figure, then I would suggest the Figma action figure line-up from the Good Smile Company.


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Cosplayer and Actress – Vegas PG @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2014

Retrenders - Vegas PG - Big Wow! Comicfest 2014Meet the Power Girl from Vegas – Vegas PG! We swung by her booth and asked if she could give our Ramen and a Half crew a shout out – Mary Jane Watson style! She happily replied, “Well of course I can”.

If Vegas PG is not enjoying the comic convention strip, you can find her being as spokesperson for events and entertaining the world commercially or artfully as an actress.

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ANIME EXPO 2013: Sleeping Cosplay? Batman & Spiderman duo? Mortal Come back?

Retrenders - Sleepy Thor - Batman Spiderman - Mortal Kombat - Johnny MorenoWhat’s going on here? Well, it’s early in the evening and some cosplayers are snoozing while others are trying to keep up with photographers. We lead in with cosplay model, Vampy Bit Me, who happens to be from the San Francisco Bay Area.Retrenders - Johnny Moreno - Ramen and a Half - Vampy Bit Me - Anime Expo 2013
In this segment the Ramen Crew really caught some random images, a cosplay snoozing, and of course the other 99 percent getting their photo’s taken every which way and loving it. Interestingly enough, we caught a Batman and Spiderman dynamic duo cosplaying on the ground floor. Ryan Turney tells us how he used dye sublimated lycra to create his outfit and Danny Lopez shows off his Batman cowl mask which is made by professional prop maker, Shawn Reeves. Then we get a flash back taste of Mortal Kombat!

We pretty much interviewed the obvious of course… other than eat breakfast then cosplay, eat lunch then cosplay and then catch dinner and hit the cosplay night life, but for those who come from afar or from next door to the Anime Expo convention center and perhaps maybe stayed up a wee bit too late the night before excitingly undecided in what cosplay will do …Well, we got one person to explain that!

The Youngest Spider-man Comic Artist – Ethan Castillo!

The Ramen crew may have not been the first to stumble upon the fascinating eight year old Spidey-artist, but we still stumbled!

Ethan Castillo 01

This kid was amazing and we felt this is one of the things that Big Wow Comicfest’s opens up to, and that’s passion and talent from everywhere under the umbrella of comics. On the floor at Big Wow Comicfest, you can’t help but feel inspired by all the people that are there introducing new stories, new artists, new genres, new characters, and it becomes an absolute gift when you run into someone as young as Ethan Castillo drawing Spider-man or Marvel Comic characters because he loves to! You actually start to feel the kid in yourself while watching him draw! “It’s just fun!” – He says.

We also recognized the extent of love and support that Ethan’s parents give him and we can’t help but strongly say, great talent can come from self-ambition, but it also comes from parents that nurture and encourage it!

Spiderman artist Humberto Ramos @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2013

BW201321The Ramen crew interviews Spiderman artist Humberto Ramos @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2013.  He talks about his passion and love for drawing comics.

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Noir Series by Marko Manev

Dark and brooding DC and Marvel superheroes set in Noir-style backgrounds by artist/designer Marko Manev.




For more on Marko’s artwork and other projects, go to:  Marko Manev –

Superhero Art Using Triangles

Image via Liam Brazier

Check out artist Liam Brazier’s unique art drawing style with these iconic superheroes.  He uses sharp lines and triangles.

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PDP x Marvel Comics = iPhone 4 Cases and iPad Covers

Are you a Marvel-fan and an Apple geek with iPhones and iPads galore?  PDP and Marvel have come up with some cool retro iconic cover designs cases for the iPhone 4 cases and neoprene covers for the iPad.

MSRP:  $34.99USD iPhone 4/S case and $24.99USD neoprene covers for iPad.

For more info and other PDP designs and covers – go to:  PDP x Marvel Comics.

Reebok x Marvel Comics = Superhero Kicks!

When I first saw these Marvel themed sneakers, I immediately though of my son back when he was five years old wearing his little spider-man shoes and his power ranger backpack to school.

Fast forward to this year and, with the success of the Avenger movie, adults now have a chance to wear their own superhero sneaks but with more style. These fantastic kicks from Reebok lets you proudly display your favorite hero on your feet – without having to feel too embarrassed when walking around in them.

Check for more info on these kicks – Reebok x Spiderman & Reebok x Avengers.

The Art of Sabi Van Hemert

Image via Sabi Van Hemert

These are works from Dutch artist Sabi Van Hemert.  She incorporates animal and child-likeness into movement.  The sculpture works remind me of Marvel’s Spider-Man in action poses.

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Reebok Collabs Hitting 2012

Photo from Sole

Very simply put – Reebok meets Ghost in the Shell. Can’t wait for the day when Batman will pair up with Nike or how about Adidas and the Avengers?  For more info and release date, go to:  Sole Collector – Reebok Insta Pump Fury – Tachikoma.


Since the Reebok Insta Pump Fury x Ghost in the Shell is not out yet, why not get these limited release sneakers – the Reebok Insta Pump Fury x Spider-Man kicks?

You can pick up a pair @ Mita Sneakers Japan and it’ll set your wallet back around $237.00USD.  How come Asia gets all these cool kicks?

Silhouette Superheroes Posters

2012 is the summer for superhero movies.  Malaysia-based artist Marcus has created a set of 11×17 silhouette style superhero posters for Batman, Spiderman & Captain America.  The set retails for $40.00USD and shipping costs.  The poster is a digital print on 250g Off-White cardstock and comes with no frame.

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