Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 Coverage Part 2

Follow The Eddie as we catch up with some old friends!

This video features some amazing artist such as Nooligan, Tomas Overbai and inker Mick Gray.

Tomas Overbai @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2014

Retrenders - Ichido - Tomas OverbaiJust what does it take to become a Comic Artist? Tomas Overbai explains everything to Ramen and Half‘s host, Eddie Ballar, what got him into comic art and eventually comic story telling with his upcoming Book One of ICHIDO – a post apocalyptic science fiction fantasy comic where a threatened Empire goes to war utilizing the traditions of kung-fu fighting and futuristic advanced robot warfare. The comic is like the battles of a Shogun Empire meets Robotech! Retrenders - Tomas Overbai - Comic Artist - Ichido

LINK:      facebook/TomasOverbai       twitter/TomasOverbai

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