Supreme x Toshio Maeda = Fall/Winter 2015

toshiomaeda“Hentai” apparel anyone?  Well know street brand Supreme is teaming up erotic manga artist Toshio Maeda for a mini-capsule collection.  The capsule collection features a jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve tee, a pillow and 2 graphic tees.  Look for the collection to drop in NYC and LA Supreme “physical” locations and online on February 27, 2015.

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From Big Wow Comicfest : Toshio Maeda (前田俊夫) – Famous Japanese Comic Artist

“The Eddie” was able to get a brief interview with Japan’s famous adult manga (comic) artist or Hentai (perverted) comic artists, Toshida Maeda.  Click on his name to view his website.Retrenders - Toshio Maeda - Japanese Manga Comic Artist - Johnny MorenoHe’s very well known and we feel pretty lucky have interviewed him. His comics may be for adult eyes only, but he definitely has solid good advice for anyone – including young artists wanting to get into comics and make it as a career.

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