Everybody needs some Space Dandy!

space dandyI really don’t know what I just watched, but I dig the funky music and animation of Space Dandy.  It must be good?  Space Dandy is produced the powerhouse animation studio BONES and is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) and character designs by Yoshiyuki Ito.  Look for the anime in Japan this month.

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Custom built LEGO Castle Grayskull


Wowza.  This is pretty neat.  From the He-Man Master of the Universe world, here’s a custom built LEGO Grayskull Castle by David Frank (AKA Fraslund).

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Flashback: Old School Sci-Fi (1975-1980)

battlestarRemember the days when a rockin’ tune accompanied a TV intro or movie preview?

Those old school sci-fi flicks rocked!

Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979)

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