WTF: A Bridge that breathes FIRE!


Okay, this may look cool, but knowing drivers here in the US, this will cause some major rubbernecking and accidents!  In Vietnam, this “Dragon Bridge” built over Han River in Da Nang was opened to the public last month.  The construction of this bridge started in July 2009 costing over $85 million dollars US and has six lanes for cars.  The dragon can release fire or water.  Maybe this is what a futuristic Games of Throne city would look like!

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Science Project: Water, Sound & 24Hz

Neat little science project that the whole family can enjoy.  Water is like fire, it can be mesmerizing.

What you will need:  A powered speaker, water source, soft rubber hose, tone generating software, 24 fps camera
and tape.

For more info, hit this link for step by step instructions:  Brusspup – Water & Sound Experiment.

Harry Potter Theme Performed Using Glassware

glasswarehpThe Harry Potter theme song played with no instruments, just add water and use of glassware.

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Nerf Super Soaker Lightningstorm

Let the water fights begin.  If you want to be king of all water fights, then you might want to pick up the Nerf Super Soaker Lightningstorm water blaster.  The Lightningstorm takes 4 AA batteries to operate with a 25ft shooting range and a 37-ounce water drum clip.

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Vapur Element

vapurelementLike all weekend warriors we try to drink as much water as possible when working out.  I usually just buy a case of bottle water or just refill my used Crystal Geyser bottle.  Yes, that’s gross and not healthy.  I found the eco-friendly solution.  The Vapur Element is a foldable plastic bottle, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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Summer Inflatable Fun!

coolhunterEven though this is only a design competition idea, I can’t wait to jump into the real thing.  Can you imagine this in Hawaii?

Check out more cool inflatable designs @ The Cool Hunter – TCH Design Competition.

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