Walking on a Glass Bridge

glassbridgechinaIf you’re afraid of heights, then this is not for you.  Walking on a glass bridge 600 ft off the ground might give you some crazy vertigo and panic attacks.  If you’ve ever been to Vancouver BC and walked on the wooden Capilano Suspension Bridge, then you kind of know the feeling, but a glass bridge heightens the fright.  Located in Shiniuzhai National Park in China, this is world’s longest glass suspension bridge.

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Glass Art by Marta Klonowska


Use broken pieces of glass and metals and turned into amazing artwork.  That’s what Warsaw-based artist Marta Klonowska has done with this glass and metal sculpture.

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Harry Potter Theme Performed Using Glassware

glasswarehpThe Harry Potter theme song played with no instruments, just add water and use of glassware.

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