Food from the “Hunger Games”

My cousin told me to read this trilogy last year by Suzanne Collins – “The Hunger Games.”  I can see why the young adults love this book – it has bits of:  sci-fi, action, anime, “Battle Royale”, a kdrama love triangle – so it’s a page turner.

Our heroine is Katniss Everdeen from District 12.  She not only has a world to save from nuclear destruction and a rebellion to lead, she also loves food.  She loves eating!  Actually when reading the first book, I actually want to go to the Hob in District 12 and get some gaming food dishes.  I can envision Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern along for ride and eating Greasy Sae’s yummy oily dishes.

Addicted to the food in the Hunger Games, go to:  Mercury News – The Food of “Hunger Games”.


Author:  Suzanne Collins.


  1. Hunger Games- related food for thought from someone whose diet more-closely tracks that of Haymitch than Katniss:

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