Food: Authentic Mexican @ Nopalito

mexcianfoodnopalitoOne of best things living in San Francisco is the melting pot of food from around the world.  And for me, living in the Sunset District, I have the pleasure of eating at some great local restaurants like Nopalito on 9th Avenue.  It’s a great place to eat delicious Mexican food and hang with friends.  Munchies’ show Chef’s Night Out interviews chef/owner Gonzalo Guzman about Nopalito and he takes us to his fave chef spots in SF.

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Tequila Shot Guns!


Raise your tequila guns in the air and open your mouth!  Instead of the usual tequila bottle packaging, they made a bottle look like a gun filled with tequila.  There are two versions, one is Glock 9mm & a classic Revolver and it also comes with 2 shot glasses.  And we will definitely buy these for our Retrenders video editor and tequila-loving friend – Mr. Johnny Moreno!

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Drink: A Taste of Tequila

Now I don’t claim to be a professional tequila drinker, but when it came to sipping tequila out of a snifter at my friend Pedro’s house warming party, I was a bit taken by the smoothness, the sensual sting and the light taste of oak from a brand, that I wasn’t too familiar with, called Galindo Reposado. Not too many people’s taste buds can detect this, but if you can, you’ve just tasted something organically created for drinking, not shooting my friend.

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