Bad-@$$ Videogame Room

Really? An Atari Jaguar??? Didn’t it only have like 3 games? LoL.

I am not a hardcore gamer but I am definitely a gamer. The first ever video game that I played was Pong (so u can probably guess how old I am). Then I went through the Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, etc. So when I saw this picture, all I can say was AWESOME. Also this is not some non-functional museum piece – all the systems are plugged in and ready to go! Can you imagine how cool it’d be to just pick out a game on the left hand side and turn on any system and play it?! It’s safe to say, if that did happen, I could probably then die a happy man.

For more info and pics check out: – Home Videogame Shrine.


  1. Wow! That looks great. 🙂 An amazing collection to say the least.

    • It is definitely a really impressive mancave! But seriously it just shows how some people can be really creative with a hobby!

      • Sure does. 🙂 It gives inspiration as well. If I had more space, this is something I’d like to work for. If we move to a larger place some time in the future, a game room is a must.

      • Hahahah I hear ya! Also I’d like not only more space, but time and moolah! =P It’d be well worth all the work though.

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