Soundtype Track 2 – Jamaica in Two Parts

Since this is Soundtype’s second post, why not write about two recent songs that just happen to have the same song title – and both are very,very catchy. First up is a band from London called Theme Park with their second single “Jamaica” which was released on August 20, 2012. The band consists of two brothers and two school friends and their indie-pop sound resembles another English group, Bombay Bicycle Club, which coincidentally, they’ve also toured with last year. The track has got that tropical, laid-back flavor and, with every listen, it just makes you want to fly to Mo Bay and get some rum.  Here is “Jamaica” by Theme Park:

The second song for this week also has the beautiful Caribbean island on their mind. Sydney electropop group Van She made their own Jamaica track for their second album Idea of Happiness (out on Modular Records) released on August 21, 2012. The group’s been around since 2005 and this track definitely reminds me of fellow labelmates and countrymen, Cut Copy, but with stronger vocals. On first listen you can hear the layered synthesizer and calypso beats come together to make a nicely textured song. This is Van She’s video for “Jamaica” – a wonderful travelogue-type video showing their time in the island country:

I’m pretty sure the two groups didn’t know that the two singles with the same title were gonna be released around the same time and, while it’s confusing to remember who sang what, indie music lovers will be benefiting from and listening to both of these groups for a while.

Also on my playlist (and pushing the two-theme further) are two great remixes of the two above tracks.

First is the Gigamesh remix of Theme Park’s single making it oh-so-much-more dancier (I just can’t stop grooving to this!):

And here’s the other by the equally awesome EDM/chiptune artist Unicorn Kid remixing Van She’s track giving it a proper techno-ravey makeover it so deserves:

Hope you enjoyed all these tracks – also visit the band’s sites for more info and to support the artists: Theme Park and Van She.

Plus let us know which tracks you liked better (or if you liked all of them too) by leaving a comment or two!

Next week I’ll cover one of music’s best recent ambient producers who just happens to be from where Retrenders is based – good ol’ foggy San Francisco.

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