Revoltech Iron Man Mark VII

If you really hate the Marvel standard 4 inch Iron Man action figures, why not order a Revoltech Iron Man?


Japanese toy company Kaiyodo’s latest Sci-Fi Revoltech action figure – the Avengers Iron Man Mark VII.  The figure is slightly pricier at around $60 but you gets lots of cool details, inner workings of the Iron Man suit, and highly articulate ball joints which makes this very posable.

MSRP:  $57.00USD

Grab one @ – Revoltech Iron Man Mark VII.


Since we are on the topic with Kaiyodo’s Revoltech toys, check these two iconic vehicles available for pre-order – the Revoltech Thunderbirds TB2 ship which looks awesome and from the Batman films, the Batmobile Tumbler with a Batman figure included.


MSRP:  $59.99USD

Available for preorder @ – Revoltech Thunderbirds TB2 Ship.



MSRP:  $64.99USD

Available for preorder @ – Revoltech Batmobile Tumbler.

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