Excel spreadsheet turned into a video game RPG: Arena.Xlsm

excel rpg 01

Image via Ars Technica

Accountant by day and game developer at night – Cary Walkin had the idea of making his boring Excel spreadsheet into an RPG – Arena.Xlsm.  The requirements are you will need a PC and Excel versions 2007, 2010 or 2013 to run this turn-base RPG game.  And you will need to enable Macros for the game to work.

excel rpg 02

Check out the in-depth article on Walkin creating the RPG on Excel and the game itself, go to:  Ars Technica – Excel spreadsheet RPG.

To download the game file, go to:  Cary Walkin – Arena.Xlsm.


  1. There is a new game in Excel that I highly recommend: 2048 Brainteasers. The game takes the traditional 2048 to a whole new level. It has more than 50 challenging levels with special tiles to make things more interesting. The game is done in Excel spreadsheet. It also has an Undercover Agent mode so you can play at work without being caught. There is also an Android version if you would like to play on your mobile.




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