The Art of the Film – World War Z

world war z art bookThis past weekend I was able to hit the multiplex and catch Brad Pitt facing off zombies in World War Z, based on the best selling novel by Max Brooks.  I’m not a huge fan of zombies or gory violent flicks and I heard of all the production troubles in the film that Pitt endured with the studio and director, but all in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this PG-13 fright-fest.  The first half of the movie was a relentless assault of fast-moving zombies taking over cities and the supporting cast was terrific in the film.  The movie-goers were rocking and cheering and a couple of girls were yelling “Go Brad!”  It’s a high brow Resident Evil zombie movie that makes you think.

world war z 00

Titan Books released the official companion book for the film this month and it’s not just a fancy art book with nice photographs and drawings, but the full shooting script is all here.  Now you can cheer on Brad Pitt in book form with pictures.  We also get inside quotes about the special effects, different locales, and action scenes from the actors, special effects team, and production crew.

world war z 01

A big thumbs up for World War Z movie and of course the official World War Z illustrated companion book.  I’m a movie buff, so I really like that the full shooting script is in the book along with the art, photos, sketches and storyboards.


Art/Film:  World War Z – The Art of the Film

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $19.95USD

Available:  Now!

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