Magazine Preview: The Walking Dead – Companion to the Comic Series

walkingmagazine0101The Walking Dead has been a pop-culture phenom in both TV and comics format.  This official The Walking Dead magazine provides a guide to the comics series which great for fans and beginners to this zombie universe.

The companion comics guide features interviews with creators Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.  There are also articles discussing fan-favorite characters, defining comic book moments in the series, exploration of the Walking Dead universe and interviews with the creative team.


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The Walking Dead Cover Art Puzzles

walkingdeadartpuzzleIf you dig jigsaw solving like USAopoly Ghostbusters Art Series Puzzles, then this new set of comic book art puzzles for The Walking Dead will make your day.  The two puzzle pieces features comic book cover art work from The Walking Dead issue 50 and 92.  Each puzzle is 550-pieces and form a 18×24 picture.

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Fear of the Walking Dead – Ofelia Salazar

fearofthewalkingdeadActress Mercedes Mason who plays Ofelia Salazar in AMC’s hit show Fear of the Walking Dead appears on Sway in the Morning.  She’s talks about zombie strategy and her Swedish background.

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Bicycle Everyday Zombies Playing Cards

bicyclezombies00If you play lots of Poker games or just games using playing cards, then you’re probably familiar with brand Bicycle.  Bicycle makes playing cards, but every now then, Bicycle collabs, like with artist Rob Sacchetto on this playing card themed “Everyday Zombies.”

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23 Short Stories from the Wild West: Dead Man’s Hand

deadmanshandAll we get now in the multiplexes and the TV screens are superheroes, zombies and vampires!  Hey, Hollywood, about some good old-fashion cowboy flicks?  That Johnny Depp “Lone Ranger” fail of a film did not count!  How about dropping some John Woo/Tarantino-style old west cowboy stories?  I can envision a pair of Colt .45’s blasting in slo-mo during a stage coach robbery scene.  Enough with the World War II movies, but I digress.  If you want your fill of the old wild west with a mix of weird and the wonderful, try “Dead Man’s Hand” an anthology of short stories collected and edited by John Joseph Adams.

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Viral Video Friday: A Corgi Dog in a Zombie Apocalypse

stanleycorgiThis story of a young boy and a dog separated in a zombie apocalypse will leave some tears at the end of this animated short.  “Steadfast Stanley” is animated by CalArts film student John Cody Kim.

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Sharky! by Dave Elliot & Alex Horley

sharkycoverI got a glimpse of the off-beat muscle-bound Sharky and his friends in the graphic novel anthology Monster Massacre Vol. 1, and now we get a full Sharky graphic novel from writer Dave Elliot and artist Alex Horley.  Why does Tank Girl have to get all the crazy fun?  Sharky gets in on the action too.  If you’re looking for Shazam!, well this isn’t it bitches!  This is Sharky!

Sharky 00

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Fan Film: The Last of Us

thelastofusApparently our Ramen host “the Eddie” is correct.  “The Last of Us” is not just a video game but a film too, well, a fan film made by fans.

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The Art of the Film – World War Z

world war z art bookThis past weekend I was able to hit the multiplex and catch Brad Pitt facing off zombies in World War Z, based on the best selling novel by Max Brooks.  I’m not a huge fan of zombies or gory violent flicks and I heard of all the production troubles in the film that Pitt endured with the studio and director, but all in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this PG-13 fright-fest.  The first half of the movie was a relentless assault of fast-moving zombies taking over cities and the supporting cast was terrific in the film.  The movie-goers were rocking and cheering and a couple of girls were yelling “Go Brad!”  It’s a high brow Resident Evil zombie movie that makes you think.

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The Walking Dead LEGO Diorama

If you’re a fan of AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead”, check out this cool LEGO diorama tribute by Kyle (K.Kreations).



For more diorama detail images, go to:  MOCpages – The Walking Dead.


Resident Evil Restaurant

Image via

This is not a joke, there’s actually a Resident Evil restaurant.  It may not serve human body parts (well, I think it’s illegal, plus Zombies don’t carry money),but it does have waiters and waitresses dressed up in familiar character outfits from the Resident Evil universe.  The Biohazard Cafe and Grill recently opened @ Shibuya Parco Part 1 in Shibuya, Japan.

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The Walking Dead on Blu-ray

I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of the Walking Dead series. It’s cleverly written, the acting’s great, and it’s nicely shot. I highly anticipated each new episode and it was a definite “must watch” every week. So, when I saw the Blu-ray box set coming out in late August, I immediately wanted to share the news with all our readers. I love and highly recommend everyone to watch the series and can’t wait until next season, though I’m not sure if i can put this box in the middle of my entertainment center – especially when it’s not around Halloween yet.

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Evil Dead: An Animated Tribute by Daniel Kanemoto

chainsawHere’s a cool fan tribute to the Evil Dead flicks by Daniel Kanemoto.


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