Calvin and Hobbes Documentary

calvin and hobbes

As a kid I couldn’t wait for Sunday paper to be delivered in the morning.  Besides the Sports section, my other favorite section was the Sunday comics – the whole section devoted to comics!  I laughed and cried reading Calvin and Hobbes.  I just loved Calvin’s interaction with his parents, pet tiger Hobbes and friend Susie Derkins.  When the 11 books of collected adventures of the Calvin and Hobbes strips came out, my sister and me made sure we bought all of these at the bookstores.  And we still have these collected books to this day!

I can’t wait for this documentary about Calvin and Hobbes – “Dear Mr. Watterson” to come to theaters November 15, 2013!

The documentary by Joel Allen Schroeder, Christopher Browne, Matt McUsic and Andrew P. Waruszewski is about the influence of Calvin and Hobbes around the world and the career of creator and artist Bill Watterson.

Again, look for the film on November 15, 2013!


  1. Alastair Savage says:

    Cool. For me, one of the amazing things about Calvin and Hobbes is that Bill Watterson didn’t base Calvin on his own kids: in fact, he didn’t have any kids when he was writing the script. It really is a pure work of imagination.

    • My sister and me love reading his comic strips! I was always amazed at how funny the stories would be. I respect Bill Watterson’s privacy but I wish he would do more interviews and meet the public more like have a panel or Q&A session at San Diego Comic-Con or something because lots fan from around the world appreciate his work and also the influence it had on our lives.

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