Frankie’s Garage: Datsun is Back … well, sort of …

datsun backdatsun goGearheads and fans of JDM cars will probably remember the brand Datsun and cars like the 510 and 240Z.  Nissan discontinued the Datsun brand here in the U.S. (1984) and now is bringing it back as a budget car brand.

The global relaunch took place in Delhi, India with CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiling the Datsun Go.  And definitely this car is not for looks, the tiny front-wheel drive hatchback is powered by a 1.2L V3 engine and will cost about $6,600USD.

The Datsun brand will not come to the U.S.  What I think, they should bring it back to U.S. as brand like Toyota’s Scion.  Youthful fun and budget should be the brand image for Datsun in U.S. and move the Nissan to the mid-consumer level, while moving cheaper cars like the Versa and Sentra to the Datsun brand.  That’s my two cents.


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