“The Paintings of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo in Movement”

Dances of Mexico with the collaborative artistry of Ballet!

Some purist say traditional folkloric dances shouldn’t be changed because it changes the theme of originality. That’s fine, but as time moves on, dances take on new meaning in context to moments in one’s life and this is exactly what Ensambles Ballet Folklorico de San Francisco has done for their piece, “Las Pinturas de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo en Movimiento”, that will be showcasing this Saturday! – July 27, 2013 2PM & 8PM at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater in San Jose, CA.

For tickets click here www.cityboxoffice.com

I attended last year’s performance and I’m thankful that I did! I was amazed by the elaborate and vibrant colors of costumes, traditional dances and the interjected dramatic collaboration of ballet pieces into the show to tell you the story of Diego y Frida through dance.

ensambles postcard

Ensambles Ballet Folklorico de San Francisco will be performing their show titled, “Las Pinturas de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo en Movimiento/The Paintings of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo in Movement”  in collaboration with U.A.R.T. ( United Artist Repertory Theater )of San Jose CA., and Vinic-Kay (La Gente y El Canto) musical group at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. This innovative dance production is directed by award-winning artistic director Zenon Barrón.  Barrón has taken on the challenge of bringing the works of two of Mexico’s most renowned artists to life.  Along with providing us with masterpieces representing Mexico’s complex history, Diego and Frida lived fascinating lives that are put on display in this cutting edge performance.  The production features contemporary and traditional costumes and movements that reflect the diversity of Mexico that was much valued by Diego and Frida.

Interviews were conducted by Retrenders Spotlight host Alberto Morales. Video was produced and edited by Johnny Moreno.


  1. What a great find! I love the mixture of media in art – the dance, the painting, etc.

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