Custom LEGO Transformers: Ironhide & Ratchet

transformers 00The Transformers G1 Ironhide and Ratchet were always cool toys but the transformation from car to robot mode never looked right.  Then a few years ago, iGear produced very accurate G1 Ironhide and Ratchet lookalikes from the cartoon series, but they were tad expensive for knock-offs.

transformers 01LEGO builder Alan (Alanyuppie’s LEGO Transformers Blog) built custom LEGO G1 Ironhide and Ratchet.  And they can transform from car to robot modes and also look like the G1 cartoon series.  Now that’s cool.  Time to break out my LEGOs.

transformers 02For more detail pictures and his blog about building these two G1 Transformers, go to:  Alanyuppie – Ironhide and Ratchet.

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