WAR-TOYS – Photographs of Toys in Warzones by Brian McCarty

war toys cover photoWhat started out as just a little Kickstarter project in 2011 by photographer Brian McCarty has turned into something special and through the years of working with kids in Israeli-Palestinian conflict a book with photographs and drawings from children in the conflict has been released – “War-Toys:  Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip.”

war toys 00war toys book 00War-Toys Vol. 1 is an 80-page book featuring over 70-plus photos and drawings with introduction in English, Arabic and Hebrew.  There are also essays by Dr. Judith Rubin and Dr. Julia Byers.  The fabric-bound book includes a narrative of the War Toys series.  The limited book edition book features an alternate cover with silver foil stamping, numbered, signed, pewter toy artifact used in the Wall Shooting, 5×7 print of Wall Shooting and a certificate of authenticity.  All sales will go back into the production of more War-Toys series.

war toys 02MSRP:  $32.00USD (War-Toys Vol. 1)

MSRP:  $125.00USD (War-Toys Vol. 1 – Special Edition – Limited to 50)

For more info on the continuing project, go to:  War-Toys Project.

war toys 03Follow Brian on Instagram @brianmccarty



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