WAR-TOYS – Photographs of Toys in Warzones by Brian McCarty

war toys cover photoWhat started out as just a little Kickstarter project in 2011 by photographer Brian McCarty has turned into something special and through the years of working with kids in Israeli-Palestinian conflict a book with photographs and drawings from children in the conflict has been released – “War-Toys:  Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip.”

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Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Game Review

[Title Screen]

2018 is a bad year for Earth in Anomaly Warzone Earth HD. An alien force decides to visit and it’s up to you to fight against this menace.

In the game, you command military units in various missions to escort, search and destroy, and kick alien butt through a hostile environment. There are two parts to the action, a tactical map and a battle mode.

The tactical map is your planning stage. Time stands still for you to decide which units to use and which route to plot through the battlefield. Once the units and route is in place, it’s time to set the troops in motion and switch to the battle mode.

[Tactical Map]

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