Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Newspaper Comic Strips Collection

wallace and gromitOver the years, the British have crossed the Atlantic with iconic entertainment, like The Beatles, One Direction (LoL), Monty Python, Are You Being Served?, Mr. Bean, just to name a few, now in the animation realm, it has to be Nick Park and his animated creation Wallace & Gromit.  Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Newspaper Comic Strips Collection collects the comic strips published in the UK daily newspaper The Sun, from 2010-2011.

WG 00When Nick Park was asked to do a daily Wallace & Gromit comic strip, it seemed a little daunting, but also intriguing.  It would create new stories and adventures for Wallace & Gromit.  The comic strips appeared weekly on The Sun, a daily UK newspaper in full color 3-panel strips.  The 311 comic strips were published from May 2010 through May 2011 and this collection collects it all!

WG 01It always starts with Wallace wanting to invent something helpful, but in the end it turns into a wacky mess with Gromit having to save the day.  I’m amazed at the various artists and writers that helped in creating these daily comic strips.  First of all, it’s daily, and then you have a measly 3-panels to tell a story with art and words.  Fans of Wallace & Gromit will surely enjoy reading these adventures.  This is a solid collection of Wallace & Gromit hi-jinx and gags.


Hardbound Trade:  Wallace & Gromit – The Complete Newspaper Comic Strips Collection – Volume 1 – 2010-2011

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $14.99USD

Available:  Now



  1. paginganovel says:

    A book after my own heart. “The bounce has (not!) gone from his bungie.”

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