It Came! by Dan Boultwood

it came 00How about some good old-fashion comic book storytelling with a mix of sci-fi, comedy and fun?  Check out Dan Boultwood’s It Came!  Titan Comics collects the 4 issues of It Came! into one tidy hardbound trade.

itcame00On a road trip of sorts, our two stars, so-called scientist Doctor Boy Brett and his partner, the lovely Doris Night stop by a pub to get some drinks, but find themselves in a empty English town.  Suddenly a mysterious gigantic robot starts attacking them and as they look for help they find a UFO.  The aliens now look to attack London and the military’s weapons are of no use.  Brett must find help and gathers together his scientist-mates to figure out a plan.  They are totally stumped, but Doris stumbles upon a way to defeat the aliens.  [SPOILER ALERT] It’s ironic humour – the secret weapon against the invading aliens is British tea!  And this ultimately saves the city of London.

itcame01I enjoyed both Boultwood’s writing style and black & white illustrations.  And there is fun humor, especially banter between Doctor Boy Brett and Doris Night.  With each panel and each page flip, I had a smile on my face, so definitely pick this comic book up!


Hardbound Trade:  It Came!

Author/Artist:  Dan Boultwood

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $19.99USD

Available:  Now


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