The Drive-In Theater Painting Experience

andrewvalkopaintingsDuring the 1950s and thru 1960s, all across America with robust car market, the movie drive-in theater was also at the height of it’s popularity.  Artist Andrew Valko’s series of drive-in theater paintings gives us a taste of Americana and through the “eyes” of the drive-in movie customer.

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The Iron Giant Movie Re-Release

irongiantNot many people would remember this animated classic, The Iron Giant which came out in 1999.  The Iron Giant gets a multiplex revival of sorts with this Signature Edition re-release with remastered sound and colors.  The Iron Giant Signature Edition will hit theaters September 30, 2015 for a limited time.

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It Came! by Dan Boultwood

it came 00How about some good old-fashion comic book storytelling with a mix of sci-fi, comedy and fun?  Check out Dan Boultwood’s It Came!  Titan Comics collects the 4 issues of It Came! into one tidy hardbound trade.

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Deco Art by Mads Berg

deco art 00

Retro art deco by Danish designer Mads Berg.

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Web of the City by Harlan Ellison


With over 1,700 published works, the 10-time Hugo Award Winner Harlan Ellison brings a slice of the bygone New York 1950s and takes us inside a Brooklyn street gang.  Harlan Ellison’s first novel “Web of the City” was published 30 years ago and will hit the bookstores and online stores again thanks to Titan Books re-publishing it.

The story of Rusty Santoro takes place in 1950s Brooklyn neighborhood.  The 17-year old high schooler with a long rap sheet has been running with The Cougars, and now he wants out!  He wants something more in life than the violence, drugs and broken relationships.  At every corner and turn, something draws Rusty back into the gang world.  Will he ever escape this endless cycle of nothingness?  Will he make the right decisions?  This is Rusty’s story, the ex-leader of The Cougars.

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Rick Astley x Mad Men = Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” will never go away!  The cast of Mad Men, with footage taken from season 1-4, speak-sing the song.  This mash-up editing is really good.

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