The 2014 Big Wow! ComicFest Recap

BW005This past weekend at the San Jose Convention Center, Big Wow! ComicFest took place for comic book fans and cosplayers.  The Ramen & a Half team of Eddie and Ramon recall their highlights of this 2-day comic book festival.

Stay tuned to our site and Retrenders YouTube Channel for more videos from the 2014 Big Wow! ComicFest.

Check out our Big Wow! ComicFest photo gallery @ Flickr – Retrenders.



  1. Legit post! Thanks for sharing! I love Comic Con events. If you’re into zombies and apocalyptic stuff, check out: Cheers!

    • Thanks! We’ll have more interviews since our team recorded lots of footage – look for interviews with BATT, Jessica Nigri, Frank Cho, Mike Mignola, Humberto Ramos, Greg Rucka, Steve Gordon, Monika Lee, Valerie Perez, Alison MacInnis, Steven Skyler, Anthony Misiano, Vampy Bit Me and More!

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