Power Rangers @ Big Wow! ComicFest 2014

“Who hasn’t grown up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – and what parent hasn’t dealt with their kids mimicking an acrobatic Power Ranger?”Retrenders - Power Rangers - Alison MacInnis and Steven Skyler

At Big Wow! Comicfest – “The Eddie” interviews two of the most down to earth Power Rangers, Alison MacInnisPower Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and Steven SkylerPower Rangers Samurai. We wanted to know what they loved best about being a Power Ranger… and of course, if they knew anything about Lionsgate‘s upcoming production of the reboot Power Rangers movie?

As a superhero movie tradition, we’re hoping the past cast can be involved in some creative character cameos, kind of like passing of the torch tradition. Plus, what fan wouldn’t love to find those connections. The movie would automatically make fans watch it more than twice to catch these underlining details! It’s like pointing out that the bank security guard in Captain America was Stan Lee!

Alison MacInnis:  twitter/AlisonMacInnis     facebook/AlisonMacInnis

Steven Skyler:  twitter/StevenSkyler    facebook/StevenSkyler    stevenskyler.com

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