More from FanimeCon 2014!!!

FanimeCon Cover 2014Here’s more videos from FanimeCon 2014!  Interview with Hayashi from Akai Sky an indie-American Jrock band.

We catch an interview with Jesse Uppercut DJing over at Stage Zero.

There’s always unique things to be found in Artist Alley and Eddie check’s a booth that does wood art.  Linda Bear designs accessories and jewelry with wood using a laser cutter.

This is one cool cosplay Mash-up from the video game Portal.  Introducing the Sentry Legion by Christian Kapis.

Just by looking at this cosplay suit you know it took months!  This Gundam Strike mobile suit from Gundam Seed by Tim Quan looks awesome.

If you want to see what happened at FanimeCon 2014, check out our FanimeCon 2014 Playlist on YouTube!  Just sit back, grab some snacks and watch @ YouTube – FanimeCon 2014 Playlist.

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