Pre-Order Star Trek: Discovery – The Official Collector’s Edition

The Official Star Trek: Discovery Collector’s Edition is an in-depth look at the new series, including detailed character profiles and interviews with key cast members, exclusive photographs, and
behind-the-scenes facts on the making of Star Trek’s new voyages.

Also featuring guides to the Klingon Empire and the
United Federation of Planets, an exclusive look at Star Trek: Discovery’s props, costumes, weapons, and concept art,
plus a complete Star Trek timeline.
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The Stormtrooper Extra Profile

starwarsstormtroopersHe was just an extra on set, but Laurie Goode still connects with Star War fans.  He was that Stormtrooper!  Which one?  Well, in this BBC News piece actor Laurie Goode recounts his many memories on the Star Wars set.


More from FanimeCon 2014!!!

FanimeCon Cover 2014Here’s more videos from FanimeCon 2014!  Interview with Hayashi from Akai Sky an indie-American Jrock band.

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