Brainquake by Samuel Fuller

brainquakecoverA-List directors like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Quentin Tarantino have been inspired by the works of Samuel Fuller (The Big Red One).  The World War II veteran, was both a director and author.  He wrote “Brainquake” in 1993 while living in France, and now fans can re-discover Fuller’s last novel published and translated into English by Titan Books and Hard Case Crime.

Paul Page works for a New York City mob and he’s a bag-man.  What’s a bag-man you ask?  He’s like a Brinks truck, he does money-drops for the mob.  Paul is the best bag-man around, the only downsides is he’s suffers from bone-jarring headaches that gives him crazy dreams.  When Paul witnesses a hit on a bookie, he then falls in love with the widow Michelle Troy.  He develops a desire to save her and protect her.  He plans to steal $10 million dollars from the mob and take Michelle to Paris.  The mob finds out and sends their top cosplaying assassin.  He likes to dress-up as a priest and then tortures his victims to their bloody deaths. Paul may find himself into deep and part of a bigger con than he realizes.  Also in the back pages, Charles Ardai’s Afterword, like Wikipedia details on Samuel Fuller’s life, the background information of “Brainquake” and covers his career in writing & directing.

Samuel Fuller was all-in with this pulp-novel “Brainquake” with plot twists and turns.  Like Games of Thrones, characters are introduced and then killed left and right.  I guess you can probably tell by the sexy noir cover art by Glen Orbik, you will read some hard hitting violence and sexiness.  Fuller does get wildly crazy in this book, but if you’re a fan of this pulp genre, this will be one solid read.


Paperback Title:  Brainquake

Author:  Samuel Fuller

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $12.95USD

Availalbe:  Now

Suggested for Mature Readers




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