GODAIZER: Animated Film (19 Minutes)

godaizerposterIf you like giant robots and kaijus, this animated 19 minute Godaizer is just for you.  This may have been released 2011, this independent animated flick caught me my attention again.  Directed and produced by Hillary Yeo and the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Mad scientists in a lab have mistakenly awoken a giant lobster-like Kaiju and it’s up to a Grandfather and his Grandson in a run-down warehouse to stop the Kaiju.  They turned to a rusted-up decommissioned robot – Godaizer.

Here’s the shorter 12-minute version:

For more information of this animated short film, go to:  Godaizer.

Also, follow them on social media, go to:  Facebook – Godaizer.

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