Frankie’s Garage: AUTOart ReRelease – Initial D AE86

autoartar86truneocoverI’m looking forward to AUTOart’s re-release of the iconic Toyota Trueno AE86 from the popular anime/manga “Initial D” by Shuichi Shigeno.  If you’re a diecast car collector then you should also know the name AUTOart.  This incredible HK toy company makes super detailed diecast cars, and this 1:18 scale “Fujiwara Tofu Ten” AE86 looks amazing.

initialdcoveravexmodeThis second time AUTOart will be able to release this diecast toy globally and that’s a good thing.  I love the fact that it will come with a set of tofu containers!  So far, AUTOart has not announced a release date yet, but look for a Q1 2015 release date.

MSRP:  $190.00USD (approx)

For more information and updates, go to:  AUTOart – Initial D Toyota Trueno AE86.

Anime Japan Site:  Animax.

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