Frankie’s Garage: Bimmer Concepts @ Monterey Car Week

m4gtsconceptIf you’re a autophile, then past weekend the mecca of all car shows, the Monterey Car Week took place at Pebble Beach, CA.  BMW revealed 2 production ready concepts.

The M4 Coupe is already a solid performer, but BMW will offer another more powerful M4, the GTS Concept with more light-weight parts and aggressive aero.coupe.

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Carbon Fiber LEGO Bricks

carbonfibertouchAnd you thought only carbon fiber was made for exotic supercars?  Not anymore.  The idea of these unique LEGO bricks came about with LEGO fan/builder Mark Carpenter and his 3 sons.  They wanted something unique and cool to make their LEGO builds standout, the Carbon Fiber Tile.


They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal and you will need to pledge more than $38.00USD to get these black high-gloss 1×2 carbon fiber tiles.  As LEGO builder myself, I’m looking for more variety-style carbon bricks than the basic 1×2 tiles and, as they stated on their Kickstarter page, Mark will be adding more variety LEGO compatible bricks in the future.  Now that would be cool.

Check out:  Kickstarter – Carbon Fiber Tiles.

Portable Jet Pack Just like in GI Joe!

Selectism:  Yves RossyYves Rossy flies into Swiss airspace with a portable jet pack.  If you are not familiar with Mr Rossy, well, he flew the English channel back in 2008.  Now he’s done it again with this carbon fiber wing pack that has 2 turbine engines.

The Jetman.

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