The Art of Total War

totalwarcoverThe Total War series has been around for years, it wasn’t until Rome:  Total War that it garnered mass-appeal and sales.  Videogame journalist Martin Robinson takes us on ride from the very humble beginnings of The Creative Assembly studio, the rise of Total War series and glimpses into the future for the Total War franchise with Total War:  Attila dropping on February 17, 2015.   This is The Art of Total War published by Titan Books.

totalwar00Creative director and insider Mike Simpson chronicles the history of The Creative Assembly and offers insights of each Total War game and changing publishers with various games.  The book is split into 4 major chapters with chapter one being the Shogun-era; chapter two the Medieval period, chapter three is Rome; and chapter four Total War Battles.  Since this is an art book, the pages are filled with drawings, sketches, CGI works, landscape and building designs.  Various Total War creative team members also offer than knowledge and tidbits on building the various time periods and worlds to be as realistic as possible for the gaming experience.

totalwar01Even if you’re not a fan of turn-based strategy games, this art book on Total War franchise is incredible.  If you’re an game designer, artist or war history buff, The Art of Total War will be a wonderful addition to your library and reference.


Hardbound Title:  The Art of Total War

Author:  Martin Robinson

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $34.95USD

Available:  Now


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