The Largest Banksy Street Collection on Display in Rome


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The secretive British street artist known as Banksy has always made a political statement with his art. This past week, a large collection of Banksy works where put on display in an exhibit – “War Capitalism & Liberty.”  More than 100 Banksy art pieces and over 60-plus records and CD covers were curated from private collectors and clients.

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The Art of Total War

totalwarcoverThe Total War series has been around for years, it wasn’t until Rome:  Total War that it garnered mass-appeal and sales.  Videogame journalist Martin Robinson takes us on ride from the very humble beginnings of The Creative Assembly studio, the rise of Total War series and glimpses into the future for the Total War franchise with Total War:  Attila dropping on February 17, 2015.   This is The Art of Total War published by Titan Books.

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Marada The She-Wolf

Marada She-Wolf CoverThe original She-Wolf … and I don’t mean singer Shakira’s “She Wolf” song back in 2009.  Remember the video?  That was a sure-fire booty-shaking epileptic seizure attack, but I digress.  Now back to the original She-Wolf, the 1980s creation by X-Men famed writer Chris Claremont and British artist John Bolton, the two created Marada the daughter of Rome, warrior and sorceress.

shewolf 00

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