Art on Guard: Lifeguard Tower Model Kit Art Show

AoG002NYC-based Boundless Brooklyn known for it’s cardboard DIY lifeguard towers, water towers and billboard sign kits has teamed up with SoCal apparel brand Outre for the Art on Guard exhibit.  The event held at toy art shop/gallery Woot Bear in SF had over 40-plus artists customizing their own Lifeguard Towers.

AoG010If now you’re super curious and want to build these cardboard model kits, hit up – Boundless Brooklyn.

AoG015Looking for streetwear, check:  Outre Apparel LA.

If you want to see more artist’s takes and their see unique spin on a Lifeguard Tower, head to:  Flickr – Retrenders – Art on Guard!

And stay tuned for our Vinyl Pulp episode 2 highlight from the Art on Guard event!  Look for it on our YouTube channel @ Retrenders.

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