Food: Eat Ramen Noodles in Solitude

ichirannycOnce upon a time our Ramen team spotlighted Japanese Ninja restaurant in NYC, now there is a noodle shop that you can slurp in private.  The Japanese ramen chain Ichiran opens up it’s first location in Brooklyn.  Ichiran is known for their amazing pork broth.  The US restaurant location has a common area where ramen lovers who don’t want to be antisocial, but there is also private  booths where you can sit and eat your pork broth ramen noodle soup in solitude.

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Art on Guard: Lifeguard Tower Model Kit Art Show

AoG002NYC-based Boundless Brooklyn known for it’s cardboard DIY lifeguard towers, water towers and billboard sign kits has teamed up with SoCal apparel brand Outre for the Art on Guard exhibit.  The event held at toy art shop/gallery Woot Bear in SF had over 40-plus artists customizing their own Lifeguard Towers.

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Girls Night Out with Ovenly Bakery

OvenlyBakerCoverThis episode of Chef’s Night Out is all about the ladies.  Munchies hits up Greenpoint, Brooklyn-area to check out Ovenly bakery and the owners Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin.  They take us a night out on the town with donuts and nachos!

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Food: The Ultimate Pupusas Food Truck

pupusastimeOkay, I’m getting really hungry now watching all these food shows on the Reserve and Munchies channel!  Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC, the El Olomega food truck cooks and sells the ultimate yummy Pupusas.  Siblings Janet and Marcos Lainez have been dishing this El Salvadorian street food for over 25 years.

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Food: The Ultimate Churros

churrosWhen I lived in LA, you could not escape the sights and smells of churros and those amazing bacon wrapped hot dogs from the street vendors.  These food items would hit the spot after the bars and clubs let it out or when you had that 1am in the morning food craving.  And yes, I’m a fan of a good churro and it looks like I got to head to NYC for this tasty snack.

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Web of the City by Harlan Ellison


With over 1,700 published works, the 10-time Hugo Award Winner Harlan Ellison brings a slice of the bygone New York 1950s and takes us inside a Brooklyn street gang.  Harlan Ellison’s first novel “Web of the City” was published 30 years ago and will hit the bookstores and online stores again thanks to Titan Books re-publishing it.

The story of Rusty Santoro takes place in 1950s Brooklyn neighborhood.  The 17-year old high schooler with a long rap sheet has been running with The Cougars, and now he wants out!  He wants something more in life than the violence, drugs and broken relationships.  At every corner and turn, something draws Rusty back into the gang world.  Will he ever escape this endless cycle of nothingness?  Will he make the right decisions?  This is Rusty’s story, the ex-leader of The Cougars.

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