I Like to Eat @ Grillaz Gone Wild Food Truck – Episode #1

The Flying Pig by GrillazGoneWild

The Flying Pig (Photo courtesy of Adrian Domingo)

Now we would like to introduce you to the newest show on Retrenders called “I Like to Eat”, where the Retrenders crew will go out to different food establishments and try some of their most popular dishes!

On this episode of “I Like to Eat”, we visit Grillaz Gone Wild food truck at Off The Grid and try out their signature The Flying Pig and Loaded Fries.

Loaded Fries by GrillazGoneWild

Loaded Fries (Photo courtesy of Adrian Domingo)

Shout outs to Grillaz Gone Wild for letting us film with them.  Be sure check out their website at www.GrillazGoneWild.com and follow them on twitter to find out where their truck will be next!

Follow them @ Twitter – Grillaz Gone Wild.

Check:  Grillaz Gone Wild.


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