Fast Food: A Real McDonald’s Golden Nugget

goldennuggetsI have to admit Mickey D’s chicken nuggets are delicious.  McDonald’s Japan will be offering a real 18 karat golden nugget.  The hunt for “Kaito Nuggets” will begin this summer at various McDonald’s restaurants around Japan.

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I Like To Eat Episode #2: Chicken on Fire


photo taken by Adrian Domingo

The long awaited 2nd episode to I Like to Eat is here!

On this episode, we visit Chicken on Fire and try some of their signature spicy fried chicken wings. We even get to go behind the scenes and see how their wings are prepared.

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I Like to Eat @ Grillaz Gone Wild Food Truck – Episode #1

The Flying Pig by GrillazGoneWild

The Flying Pig (Photo courtesy of Adrian Domingo)

Now we would like to introduce you to the newest show on Retrenders called “I Like to Eat”, where the Retrenders crew will go out to different food establishments and try some of their most popular dishes!

On this episode of “I Like to Eat”, we visit Grillaz Gone Wild food truck at Off The Grid and try out their signature The Flying Pig and Loaded Fries.

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Portable Grill with Fryer

blacktop360 01

Our staff member SW Biko likes burgers and making burgers with the Burger Stomper, but you still need a grill – and this grill from Blacktop is neat.  The Blacktop 360 is portable, a BBQ grill and the best part, is in the middle of the unit – the fryer.  Now you can deep your very own corn dogs, fries, nuggets, just whaterever …

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