I Like to Eat @ Grillaz Gone Wild Food Truck – Episode #1

The Flying Pig by GrillazGoneWild

The Flying Pig (Photo courtesy of Adrian Domingo)

Now we would like to introduce you to the newest show on Retrenders called “I Like to Eat”, where the Retrenders crew will go out to different food establishments and try some of their most popular dishes!

On this episode of “I Like to Eat”, we visit Grillaz Gone Wild food truck at Off The Grid and try out their signature The Flying Pig and Loaded Fries.

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Hungry For Recipes: The Ultimate Aussie Burger

aussieburger101Wowhoo!  Hungry for Recipes column or blog or whatever you call it is back.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang blogged about the Aussie burger awhile back (click here to backtrack – Aussie burger), but Sebastian P over at TourRadar (a super travel/foodie blog) directed us to the Ultimate Aussie Burger with the Lot (aka Ozzie Burger).

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Food: The Fast Food Srirachi Burger!

sirachaburgerThe Asian hot sauce that’s creating a buzz in the country is Srirachi.  Now Jack In The Box is hopping onto the action with their own Srirachi infused burger.  You got the beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, japlenos and you can’t go wrong with some bacon slices and to top it off their creamy Srirachi sauce mix.

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Sriracha Lip Balm and Popcorn

lipbalmWith the cold winter weather, if you get dry cracking lips, then how about this J&D Sriracha Lip Balm.  This will get your lips burning.  And it’s SPF15.

MSRP:  $3.99USD

Buy it @ J&D – Sriracha Lip Balm.

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Manwich: The Eggs Benedict Burger

Eggs Benedict Burger via Werd.com

You only live once and you should probably eat this at least once. It looks delicious with the egg benedict, bacon, and hamburger. It includes a poached egg (chicken!) plus bacon (the other white meat), and a dollop of hollandaise sauce that slides right down. To be honest, my cholesterol level just shot up just looking at it.

For more info, go to:  Werd.com – Eggs Benedict Burger.

Japan: Super BK Bacon Burger!!

japanbkbaconcoverI love bacon, but this is a spectacle – 1,050 pieces of bacon in this sandwich.  The sandwich costs: $80.00USD.  The calorie count is over:  74,000.

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