Alt Control Delete Success!

In early October, Ramon Govea and crew launched the Kickstarter to their comic Alt Control Delete and just within a few days of launch, they were 101% funded and over the last few days that’s actually reached 115% for a grand total of almost $4,000 raised on Kickstarter! They are now currently well over $4000 with 80 backers and still have 14 days to go but, although they are already funded, it doesn’t mean there aren’t fun stretch goals you can help them reach. Check out their Kickstarter here!

Pic from Comixology

Pic from Comixology

Alt Control Delete follows Tess, a jaded professional gamer in search of her missing friend.  It’s a world where competitive virtual reality gaming has replaced war, and humanity is on the verge of creating a symbiotic relationship between technology and nature.  But in her search, Tess is forced to choose between the safety of her corporate compound and loyalty to her friend.

If you can’t wait, to read it, you can get Chapter 1 of Alt Cntrl Delete digitally on Comixology.

Already being given tons of awesome review, I know I’m definitely looking forward to my physical copy of Alt Control Delete.

For more info, be sure to follow their kickstarter as well as their Twitter at @AltCntrlDelete

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