Dark Horse Comics Coloring Books

dhavatarbooksI’m hooked on coloring.  Recently when I was at Michaels arts and craft store, I bought some TMNT coloring books and crayons.  Dark Horse Comics just announced two adult coloring book releases:  Avatar – The Last Airbender and Serenity.  The coloring books will feature 45-pages of original artwork on thick paperstock.  The 10″x10″ coloring books will cost $14.99USD each.

dhserenitybooksSince I’m fan of both series, I’ll be at the comic book shop picking these up in October 2016.

MSRP:  $14.99USD

Available:  October 5, 2016

Check out:  Dark Horse Comics – Adult Coloring Books.


  1. I love colouring in too 🙂 It is so relaxing!

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