Woot Bear SDCC 2016 Exclusives

WootBear-SDCC216-FlyerSan Diego Comic-Con 2016 is upon us!  Woot Bear will be offering exclusives from 2 artists:  Ben Seto and Scott Wilkowski.

WootBear-SDCC2016-BenSeto-BuntrooperBen Seto will be offering a limited edition GID Buntrooper in Woot Bear Colorway.  Each Buntrooper glows in the dark, comes with a special blister packaging and will cost around $70.00USD each.  Ben Seto will be at Booth O15.

WootBear-SDCC2016-WootkosplaySculptor Scott Wilkowski will be at the Hyperactive Monkey Booth #5640 will be selling a couple of items.

Wootowski 3.25 aka “Teen Woot Bear – $45.00USD

Micro Solid Wootkosplay – $20.00USD

2-pack Micro All Glow Set – $45.00USD

3-pack Micro All Glow Set – $60.00USD

Individual Micro GID Infected Wootkowski – $30.00USD

Kamen Rider GID Infected – $150.00USD

For more details, go to:  Woot Bear.

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