The Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino

therealataricoverIf you were that kid that grew up with the Atari 2600, you will definitely remember the distinctive box art packaging.  As a kid seeing the Atari video game box art made me go to my mom and say to her, “I want you to buy me those games!”  This October 2016, Dynamite and author Tim Lapetino take Atari fans on journey of video game artwork with The Art of Atari.

atariartbooktwoThe Atari company formed in 1972 began the electronic video game revolution.  It was not just about the games, Atari hired various artists to advertise and market the video games with that distinctive Atari art style.  The visual illustrations of adventure, fantasy, science fiction and sports was part of Atari’s history.  The book offers an incredible collection of behind-the-scenes photos, concept art, box art, drawings and interviews with key players in developing and creating the artwork.


Title:  Art of Atari

Author:  Tim Lapetino

Publisher:  Dynamite

MSRP:  $39.99USD

Available:  October 25, 2016

Check out:  Art of Atari

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