The Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino

therealataricoverIf you were that kid that grew up with the Atari 2600, you will definitely remember the distinctive box art packaging.  As a kid seeing the Atari video game box art made me go to my mom and say to her, “I want you to buy me those games!”  This October 2016, Dynamite and author Tim Lapetino take Atari fans on journey of video game artwork with The Art of Atari.

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Perelman Pencils: Nerdy Design Tribute


Artist Jules Julian teamed up with designers Alan Temiraev & Volodenka Zotov to create an awesome looking pencil set box.  The 8 graphite pencils come together as a portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman.  The package box looks amazing too.

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Amazon Locker

Everybody at the office does some shopping at Amazon.  Once you click and buy, another issue pops up of whether to ship it to work?  If you don’t want your boss seeing packages delivered to your cubicle, try Amazon Locker.  You can send packages to these ATM-style secure lockers.

These Amazon Lockers are only in a few locations right now and there is a size and weight limit.

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Learn Packaging 101

Ever wanted to learn how to wrap and pack packages for delivery?  Want to learn the basics of craft designing?  Well, check out Sally J Shim’s blog site:

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