Vinyl Pulp: Junko Mizuno x Woot Bear

img_1821Vinyl Pulp interviews artist Junko Mizuno at Woot Bear on her “Junko Woot Bear” silkscreen print, T-shirt and upcoming projects.  You can grab the colorful graphic tee at Woot Bear and the 8×11 silkscreen print is limited to 50 copies, so don’t wait to pick it up.

MSRP:  $38.00USD (Junko 8×11 Print); $30.00USD (Junko T-Shirt).

Buy it @ Woot Bear – “Junko Woot Bear” 8×11 Silkscreen Print.

Buy it @ Woot Bear – “Junko Woot Bear” T-Shirt (Black Unisex).


Thanks to Greg Viloria at Nerd Stalker for helping out at the video shoot.

Check out tech news @ Nerd Stalker.


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