The Great Wall – The Official Movie Novelization

One of the “Wonders of the World” is the Great Wall in China.  Why was this gigantic wall built?  It was to keep out evil monsters that appear every 60 years.  This is the big budget East/West production by Legendary Pictures directed by award-winning Zhang Yimou.  “The Great Wall” stars Matt Damon as the mercenary William Garin.

In search for fame and riches, mercenary William Garin and his men find themselves in remote China.  His remaining men are tired and hungry after days of being hunted down by bandits in the region.  As they rest for the night, they encounter a mysterious creature.  William is able to fend off the beast by cutting its talon off.  William and fellow survivor Pero Tovar stumble upon the amazing gigantic structure – the Great Wall.

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The Great Wall – The Art of the Film

thegreatwallbookThis weekend Legendary Pictures releases one of their big films of the year into the multiplexes – The Great Wall starring Matt Damon.  Suppose the Great Wall in China was not just built to defend from the human element but also “monsters.”  Actor Matt Damon and the all-star Chinese cast look to defend the Great Wall and humanity from these evil beasts.  Titan Books official companion guide The Great Wall – The Art of the Film takes a behind-the-scenes at the epic production.

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Elysium: The Art of the Film


I had the pleasure of watching Elysium on the big IMAX screen this past weekend and it was a blast to watch.  Director-writer Neill Blomkamp created his first intellectual sci-fi hit with District 9 on the cheap and now with a Hollywood budget, he’s able to create visual science-fiction tour de force.



“The idea of Elysium was born out of growing up in a country where wealth discrepancy is a huge issue,” says Blomkamp – Elysium:  The Art of the Film.



The year is 2159 and the Earth is overpopulated with scarce resources, rampant crime and poverty.  The wealthy class escaped to space and built a heavenly space colony called Elysium.  Our anti-hero Max played by Matt Damon clinging to life takes on mission to not only save himself but for the people of Earth.  But before I get to the down and gritty of this art book I had some minor complaints:  1) Is it just me or Jodie Foster accent really annoying? 2) When the rebel ships try to land into Elysium, bad guy Kruger uses a shoulder-mounted missile launcher with missiles that are able to go all the way up to space and knock-down the rebel ships?  3) And this leads to my next rant, if this space colony has magic healing machines that can cure cancer and is a technical marvel, Elysium doesn’t have self-defensive weapons like in Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine or Babylon 5 – what is up with that? 4) My last rant – I wished we could see more of the people living in the futuristic space colony.   But other than that, it was a wonderful summer movie.

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