EVO 2017 Takeaway

There were many exciting matches that took place in Vegas over the weekend. Whether it was in Tekken, Blazblue, Street Fighter or any fighting game for that matter, if there is one thing Evo is known for, it is HYPE. But hype doesn’t just come from the matches, it also comes from the many announcements made over the weekend.  So here are our top 3 takeaways from the recent announcements made at Evo.

Tekken 7 is known to have guest characters in the game. Akuma being their first guest character, comes all the way from the Street Fighter series. Harada stated awhile ago that  the next character to join the roster would be another guest character but the big question was who and where would they be borrowed from? Today, that question was answered and Harada unveiled Geese Howard from Fatal Fury to the world of Tekken!

In the world of fighting games, we have had many crossovers. ArcSystems, the developers of Blazblue, just unveiled a trailer for one of their latest Blazblue games featuring a big crossover. Not only do we get Blazeblue characters, but we get Persona and RWBY characters in their upcoming fighter as well.

We all thought this game was just an elaborate April Fools joke when the trailer released April 1st 2017, but it turns out the joke was on us. Arika developed and published the original Street Fighter EX game in 1996, a little over a decade ago. Since then we  have had 2 sequels with a wide cast featuring a handful of classic street fighter characters and a bunch of original characters created by Arika. Since Street Fighter EX, we never saw those original Arika characters again… Until now! Not only was Arika’s untitled fighting game playable at Evo this year, but they released a new trailer as well!

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