The Legendary Revival of Pokemon Go


It has been a little over a year since Pokemon Go has come out and we here at Retrenders have played through all of its highs and low points.  When the game first hit our phones, tons of players from all over the world were playing together to catch Pokemon int he real world. Months went by and with a lack of updates, the number of players dropped drastically.  Right about the time of the one year anniversary, Niantic finally gave us a new big update introducing us to the Pokemon of the Johto region.  With new Pokemon, came the return of some players.  But the game was still missing one thing…  Legendary Pokemon!
During this years Pokemon Festival in Chicago which happened a little over a week ago, Niantic introduced the world to its first set of Legendary Pokemon, Articuno and Lugia! They also gave us a time frame for when the rest of the Legendaries would see the world. Articuno has been out since the 22nd and saw its last day yesterday on the 31st of July. But when one door closes, another opens. With Articuno gone, Moltres will take his place from the 31st of July until August 7th and directly after Zapdos will take his place from August 7th until August 14th giving us roughly 1 week with each bird.  No confirmation on when Legendary bird Ho-oh will join but we predict it will take Lugia’s spot once its time is up.
The emergence of the Legendary Birds have not only brought back players to the game, but has also created a new camaraderie between players, forcing them to work together to take down and capture the birds.  When the game first came out, players were divided into the 3 teams within the game and the rivalry ensued causing a rift between player.  Players talking smack to each other, sniping each others gyms, it felt like an all out war.  But the Legendary Birds have seemed to stop all of that and brought everyone together.  Regardless of team affiliation, players now all ban together just to take down and capture Legendary Pokemon. This newfound peace and teamwork between players is definitely something the game needed and we here at Retrenders hopes it continues withing the game.

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