I Need Pikachu Bags

pika000pika001Pikachu fans who want to rock fashion accessories with their wardrobe might want to check these LoungeFly bags.  The Pikachu Saffiano Vegan Leather Wallet is made from faux leather with 8-card pockets.  The Pikachu Saffiano Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag is a handy bag to carry smaller things around for the go.  The Pikachu Saffiano Vegan Leather Backpack features a main compartment, zip pocket and 2-side pockets.

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Play Magic at Galaxy Games

galaxygamesWhere to buy & play Magic card games in the East Bay?  You might want to head out to Galaxy Games in Dublin, CA.  Eddie Ballar takes a look at the shop.  Galaxy Games focus is on Magic and card playing events.

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Pokemon Theme Song Singer Jason Paige

dsc_0068“Got to catch them all!”  You probably heard this song in your lifetime.  The voice behind the song is actor/singer Jason Paige.  Ramen host Eddie Ballar interviews the Pokemon Theme song singer Jason about the song, his other commercial jingles and upcoming projects from Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

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Pokémon is Twenty Years Old!

pokemoncnn Wow!  Pokémon turns 20 years old.  CNN interviews Pokémon Director Junichi Masuda about how Pokémon was created and memories of just a small staff of 8 people to make the game.  Junichi also talks about the rise and popularity of the video game.

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What do you ask a Pikachu at Fanimecon?

Sayori Chu - Fanimecon Pikachus - RetrendersOkay, not a Pikachu, a Raichu. Anyway, lets find out what Sayori Chu has to ask this Raichu?

Beams x New Era = Pikachu Hat Collection

beamsxpikachuhatsPokemon fans will enjoy this mini-capsule hat collab collection by BEAMS and New Era.  Japanese retailer BEAMS teams up with New Era to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon with cute and geeky Pikachu Fitted Hat Collection.

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Battle Ready Pikachu!


If you’re a Pokemon fan like many of my younger cousins, then this Tomy Battle Ready Pikachu is ready for action.  This Pikachu shoots out foam discs with a press of a button and various electronic sounds.  The cool thing, it includes 3 AAA batteries.

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Realistic Pokémon Art by RJ Palmer

pokemonrealIf you ever wondered how Pokemon animals would look like in real life?  Well, artist RJ Palmer draws many of the Pokemon animals in a real-world realistic way.  A mix of art, imagination and paleontology by artist RJ Palmer.

Our host Ramon Angel interviews RJ Palmer at FanimeCon 2014.

You can follow RJ’s work at:  arvalis.deviantart.com


Viral Video Friday: Animated Fun

star warsWhat if Star Wars had a 80’s-style cartoon feel?  Well, this is it by Nacho Punch – the Star Wars:  The Lost 1980’s Anime:

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Pokemon XY Review

PokemonY-1I have been playing the Pokemon games since Red/Blue. I bought the new Pokemon game (Pokemon Y) that recently came out for the 3DS, and I’ve been enjoying it to no end. I’ve been stuck on the “Wonder Trade” section of this game, helping me trade for the other starters in the game. Wonder Trade is a function in the game that lets you trade away any Pokemon you don’t want for another to anybody around the world. You won’t know what Pokemon you will be getting though so it is a bit of a risk. You might give away a level 50 Pikachu and receive a level 3 Caterpie. However, if you don’t want go sit through all the random trades to get what you want, you can always try GTS (Global Trade Station). GTS lets you choose which Pokemon you are looking for and see if anybody is trading it, provided you have Pokemon they want to trade for. The only thing that’s not great about GTS is getting the message “A communication error has occurred”, which forces you to end the game and restart it. Just be ready to get that message over and over.

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